domingo, 28 de mayo de 2017

Wind of Change- Scorpions

Aquí tenéis el videoclip que tenemos que diseccionar históricamente. Recordad, tanto la música como el video

How to analyse a music video historically

Here, I’m going to explain some instructions to do your analysis of Scorpions’ music-video “wind of change” properly.

First of all, you must give some information about the band, the release date of the song and the video, the background and historical environment of these years, etc. Obviously, you should point out what part of the music-video- images or music- you are setting out. In the same way, in this part, you have to underline the issues related to History in general instead those related to the personal history of the members or to the history of music.

In the case of the song’s lyrics, I think you can focus on explaining the references about places, names or cities. And, then, you can try to put on display your own interpretation about the relationship between the lyrics and its current events.

On the contrary, regarding the images, you should figure out what historical events are reflected on them. After you do it, you can explain something about these events- where and when they took place, the causes because they came out, the main characters, their historical consequences…-

 Finally, you have to give your own vision about the relationship between the music-video and the History, and underline how this video could display not only the events, but also the thoughts and believes of the people at that era, and face it with the real events which happened afterwards, mainly in the nineties. And that’s all. It’s easy, isn’t it?